Reinventing the Wheel: the State of Play in Autonomous Vehicles

June 13, 2017  ·  Microsoft Conference Center, Mountain View, CA

Co-Hosts & VIPs

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Corporate Co-Hosts


Bill Brady, Chairman, Jefferies Technology Group

Kevin Czinger, CEO, Divergent

Ciprian Morar, CEO, Lateral, Inc.

Jonathan Haswell, Founder, Special Vehicle Operations/Simraceway Performance Driving

Viraj Tipnis, Investor, Accel

Chris Buddin, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Michael Karp, Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield

Bernard Moon, Partner, SparkLabs Global Ventures

Simon Rothman, Partner, Greylock Partners

Kyle Jessen, Vice President, Goldman Sachs

Jeffery Brown, Analyst/Investor, Bonner & Partners

Michael Cohn, Associate, Goldman Sachs

Dan Burcaw, Managing Director, Abstract Wave Capital

Sida Wang, Software Engineer, Airbnb

Valters Lauzums, Senior Manager, Digital, Red Bull

Allison Bhusri, Investor, Broadway Angels

Justin Smith-Lorenzetti, Associate, Intact Ventures

Ashar Baig, Dir. Technology Strategy Planning, Huawei Technologies

Lei Ruby Rao, Dir. Technology Strategy Planning, Huawei Technologies

Eran Sandhaus, VP, Services, Delphi

Liam McGregor, Strategic Partnerships, Luminar Technologies, Inc.

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